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This pack of 3 Magic Yule Logs Rainbow Flames adds a little extra sparkle and wonder to any cozy fire. Each log features intensely-colored burns of up to 23 minutes, crafted from earth-friendly, biodegradable materials with no ashes, sparks, or smoke. Bring a touch of magic to your holiday gatherings with these unique firelogs.

Our set of Magic Yule Logs is guaranteed to up the merriment dazzle factor at any fireside gathering. 

Toss one of the logs (leave wrapper on) into a burning wood fire & watch wondrous rainbow colored flames.

Our set includes 3pc 11 inch logs wrapped together and a story card about the tradition of Yule Logs. Included is a peace prayer for the New Year.

Our Magic Yule Logs individually burn for about an hour. They are really pretty with lots of colors.

Made in United States of America