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Princess-Cut Clarissa Cocktail Ring

$ 79.99

Oh darling, don't you look absolutely divine in that city chic ensemble! From the top of your French beret to the tip of your vintage lace pumps, once again, you've stolen the show! But you can't take all the credit, it's the little things that's creating all the head turning, like this Clarissa Princess-Cut Cubic Zirconia 12mm Cocktail Ring. It's the most excellent touch of sparkle that every outfit thirsts for, without going over the top. A new signature piece? We think so! 


The Clarissa Princess-Cut Cubic Zirconia 12mm Cocktail ring is made of brass with a silver tone finish. It features a 12mm purple princess-cut cubic zirconia. It is accented with CZ side stones with a filigree design. The weight is 6 carats. 


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Princess-Cut Clarissa Cocktail Ring