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"WINE CONDOMS: This protective wine covering was Invented by a mother son duo, inspired by a Macgyvered wine stopper that looked like a makeshift condom.
Wine Condoms are the easiest, most fun wine stopper you’ll ever use. Simply open the package and roll it over the top of the bottle. Once applied, it will help preserve the wine, prevent spills and best of all it’s reusable. The rugged design is effortlessly reusable, for added convenience.
Each box includes six reusable wine condoms, wrapped in gold foil packaging.
  • Easy, fun wine stoppers
  • Just open the package and roll it over the top of the bottle
  • Locks in flavor, freshness and bouquet
  • Ideal to use when you lose or break a cork
  • Can be used with room temperature and chilled wines
  • Reusable wine condoms, individually wrapped in gold foil
It's the perfect gift for wine lovers.
Protection For Your Pinot.
Gold Foil Packaging, Set of 6, Tuxedo Black